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Martial Arts University Grant Commission (MAUGC) focuses on providing academic programs to practicing martial artists. Thus, in order to be eligible to register in programs offered by the university one must be actively practicing. Proof of status within your own martial art may be requested of the University.

The University provides separate pathways to students who may not hold academic university degrees by providing equivalency and matriculation based on martial arts standing and the completion of supplemental technical material/workshops.

In order to be considered eligible for a program on offer applicants should submit the online application form along with a professional resume for consideration by the Administration. Once submitted the Administration will make an assessment of the eligibility of the applicant.


Please use the form below to apply to a program. The form has 8 sections and must be filled out in whole. The application process will take approximately 15 minutes. The administration will contact you after you have completed the submission.

Online Application Form

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